(i) Constituent Membership

This category of members shall consist of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Societies in Africa. Applications for admissions shall be considered by the Council, provided full details and documentation of the activities of the proposed society are made available to the Secretary General at least three months prior to the meeting of the Council. As a matter of principle, the Federation shall review applications for membership subject to their adhering to the principles of the International Council for Scientific Unions (ICSU). The membership fees and annual subscription fees shall be determined by the Council. For new members, the membership fees shall serve as the annual subscription fees for the first year.

(ii) Honorary Membership

This category of membership shall consist of organizations that have contributed significantly to the Federation. Admission to honorary membership would be by invitation of the Council. Such members may be invited to attend Council meetings as observers, but they may not vote, and such attendance shall not be at the expense of the Federation. Honorary membership shall remain valid for a period of two years, but may be renewed indefinitely, subject to Council approval. The decision of the Council shall be communicated to the organizations immediately following the meeting.

(iii) Sponsoring Membership

This category of membership shall consist of organizations which are invited to make a significant financial contribution to the Federation. The amount of money shall be determined by the Council. This membership shall continue for one calendar year, but may be renewed indefinitely. Sponsoring organizations may receive Federation publications and have advertising space in such publications. In addition, these organizations may have access to information on FASBMB membership, including the mailing addresses. The actual entitlements will, however, be determined on a case by case basis by the Council.

(iv) Associate Membership

Associate membership shall be open to countries without a Biochemical Society, to non-biochemical and molecular biology associations or organizations that may contribute to the objectives of the Federation.

The Secretary General shall maintain a detailed register of members in all categories (i-iv) in which shall be entered the full name, mailing address, category of membership and date of admission. This list shall be made available to member societies upon request.